Pasatiempo Golf Club Review: Leftee Golf

On Saturday I was lucky enough to play Pasatiempo Golf Course located in Santa Cruz CA!

The Story:

  • Founded in 1929 by Marion Hollins and Dr. Alister MacKenzie
    • Dr. MacKenzie gives Marion credit for the location of the 16th hole at Cypress Point Club
  • Opened September 8, 1929 (Bobby Jones was part of the first group to play the course)

The Logistics

  • Cost:
    • $260 to walk
    • $292 to ride
    • $55 for a rental set (Leftee sets are available!)
    • Caddy services available
  • Location

The Gear

The Clubhouse

  • Very simple & quaint 
  • Large selection of commemorative gifts to choose from
  • Very friendly staff
  • We decided to grab a bite to eat before our tee time which was great!


The Course

  • First tee (above) is situated right next to the clubhouse and plays a downhill shot
  • Not too many hazards but it plays very tight and you can get in trouble if you don't hit the fairway

  • As you can see there was very a flat lie due to all the angulation
  • Greens were very large and pins were placed in tricky positions at times

  • One of my favorite parts was the drive up grill at the turn!

Cut to the Chase

  • Overall very fun golf course with a lot of history behind it!
  • I would recommend it to any golfer who is looking to play an Alister MacKenzie course but does not want to break the bank playing Pebble Beach (1 hour away from Pasatiempo)