The Story

I stopped being a left-handed golfer for what might be termed local commercial conditions: the boys in my hometown, Fort Worth, used to buy their golf clubs (at a dollar per club) at a five and dime store and there simply never was any left handed equipment in the barrel where the clubs were stacked

~ Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons (1957)

Did you know that Ben Hogan was originally a Leftee? How many golfers have been turned away from the sport because they lead with their right foot instead of their left?
We started Leftee with one goal in mind: to ensure all golfers are treated equally, regardless of genetic makeup (right now as I type this 6% of the world's golfers are left handed).
Tired of never having rental clubs at the course when we didn't bring our own, or having to search in the corner of the store to find the available left-handed clubs, we set out on our own journey to create our own brand, on our own terms.